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22-25 September 2014

Hotel Hilton, Mexico Reforma
Mexico City


LIS for Regional Development

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Effective and efficient Land administration can result in set up of a strong and integrated Land Information System that combines datasets from a number of geo-referenced sources including cadastral mapping agencies, property ownership details, roads and infrastructure, utilities, agricultural information etc. A land information system consists, on the one hand, of a database containing spatially referenced land-related data for a defined area and, on the other, of procedures and techniques for the systematic collection, updating, processing and distribution of the data. The base of a land information system is a uniform spatial referencing system, which also simplifies the linking of data within the system with other land-related data. (Source: UNECE, 1996)

Such an integrated system can be very effectively used for purposes of regional development including transport management, disaster risk reduction, housing etc. The exclusive programme on Land Information Systems for Regional Development will be held on 22nd September with participation from senior executives of Mapping Agencies, Land Administrators, Regional Planners and Developers, Private sector officers, other invested government agency officials who would come together to deliberate upon the following topics.

Session 1: Land Information Systems for Transportation
At the core of the success of any regional development programme is its transportation system. Experts will discuss how a region can provide a safe, affordable, fast and efficient transportation system which enables its citizens and visitors to lead better lives utilising Land Information System as a base.

Session 2: Land Information Systems for Urban Development
Experts from different countries will discuss the use of land information platform for urban planning and design for sustainable development of settlements and communities.

Session 3: Land Information Systems for Disaster Risk Reduction

Disasters are not random; they are the convergence of hazards and vulnerable conditions (UNEP 2013). Experts will discuss how, with more efficient and planned management and re-development, regions can contribute not only to protecting the environment in a sustainable way, but also to reducing the risks and consequences of disasters.


  • Chair: Prof. Fraser Taylor, Director, Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre Carleton University and Member, OGC Global Advisory Council, Canada [Abstract]  [Presentation]
  • Jorge Carlos Díaz Cuervo, General Director, SEDATU, Mexico  [Presentation]
  • Rodrigo Alejandro Nieto Enríquez, Undersecretary, SEDATU, Mexico
  • Robert Buergenthal, Senior Director, Strategy, Thomson Reuters, USA  [Presentation]
  • Manuel Ignacio Acosta Gutiérrez, Director Jefe, Registro Agrario Nacional, Mexico  [Presentation]
  • Florencia M. Gomez, National Director of Registry of Rural Lands, Argentina [Abstract]  [Presentation]
  • Miguel Ángel Cancino, Head Attorney, La Procuraduría Ambiental y del Ordenamiento Territorial del Distrito Federal (PAOT), Mexico [Abstract]
  • Anna Miller, Business Development Analyst Latin America and the Caribbean, Trimble, USA [Abstract]  [Presentation]
  • Álvaro Monett, Executive Secretariat of the National Land Information System of Chile [Abstract]  [Presentation]
  • Magdalena García Rendón, Directora General de Soluciones Geoespaciales, Merrick & Company, Mexico  [Presentation]
  • Henri AUDIRAC CEO CartoData S.A. de C.V. Mexico [Abstract]  [Presentation]
  • Eduardo Ortega Roa, Director Nacional Adjunto/DNR, Coordinador Componte Registro/PRODEP, Nicaragua  [Abstract]  [Presentation]
  • Trevor Shaw, Director of Surveys and Mapping of The National Land Agency, Jamaica  [Abstract] [Presentation]
  • Francisco Garrido, CEO, Geoware, Mexico  [Presentation]
  • Juliano Lazaro, Sales Manager, BRADAR, Brazil [Abstract] [Presentation]

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