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22-25 September 2014

Hotel Hilton, Mexico Reforma
Mexico City


Welcome Message

Eduardo Sojo Garza-Aldape

Welcome to Mexico on the occasion of the Latin America Geospatial Forum.

INEGI is a special institution in our community, since it has the enormous advantage of having two very important and related responsibilities: the production of statistical as well as geographic information, in a world where all data is being located in the space in order to have a better understanding of the phenomena they describe. As an institution, we are proud of this, and proud of having the opportunity to be co-organizers of this Forum.

More and more, geospatial information is becoming an important factor in determining country’s development. We live in the information age. Having systematized and geo-referenced information is today more important than ever, because everything that happens, happens somewhere.

The development and use of information are closely linked to the progress of the information technologies. The Latin America Geospatial Forum, provides an opportunity to enrich the discussion and knowledge on the value of geospatial information technology for decision-making. We are facing the challenge of building institutional capabilities to allow the optimal use of these technologies.

In this context, it is necessary to advance the interchange of experiences with other institutions, international organizations and in general from all the innovators in the world, because the applications are endless. The future is promising; we can’t even imagine the use that future generations will make of technology and geospatial information.

All of you are welcome, please take advantage of the Forum and enjoy Mexico.









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