Program agenda PLENARIES

Mainstreaming Geospatial Information

Geospatial Value and Impact on Economy and Society

Public-Private Partnership for Economic Growth


Geospatial Information: Conduit to SDGs Success
  • Geostatistical indicators in support of the SDGs
  • Spatial data infrastructures in support of SDGs
  • Experience, data and geostatistical solutions, key elements to achieve the 2030 agenda for sustainable development
  • Sustainable vision based on key statistical and geospatial indicators
Integrating Statistical and Geographical Information for Better Latin America
  • Use of grids for the georeferencing of statistical and geospatial information
  • Statistical information at its maximum level of geographical disaggregation
  • Global and regional frameworks to promote the integration of statistical and geographic information
Geo-Statistical Information for Territorial Management
  • Crowdsourced and community mapping
  • Educational platform to promote geospatial knowledge
  • Geostatistics for an inclusive development
  • Viable and vital reproductive cycles of geospatial information
Construction and Engineering
  • The Geospatial Leverage for Mega Projects
  • Towards Resilient Plan & Design of Infrastructure
  • Construction, Buildings & infrastructure
  • Operate and Maintain Infrastructure Efficiently and Effectively
  • Post-disaster infrastructure reconstruction and recovery
Geo-information: climate change and natural disasters
  • National strategic plans based on geostatistical information
  • Geostatistical networks for monitoring biodiversity and climate change
  • Geostatistical solutions for the study of territorial and environmental dynamics
  • Geostatistical information for measuring the environmental, social and economic impact of natural disasters
Geo-ICT for Smart Cities
  • Role of Geo-ICT in Smart City
  • Spatially- Connected Governance
  • City Solutions: Networks, Data, Taxation and Smart Utility Services
  • Streaming Analytics and Using Data to Accelerate Smarter Cities and Mobility
  • Connected City, Smart City: Using Technologies to Inform & Engage Citizens
Disruptive Technology Trends Transforming Future
  • Big Data, IoT, AI and its geospatial relationship
  • Geospatial Data Warehouse
  • Open geospatial data
  • Geoportals and the socialization of geographical knowledge
  • The use of ICT and Data in Farming
  • Mainstreaming Precision Farming
  • Advancements in Space Technology Relevant for Agriculture
  • Innovations and Future Farming Technologies
Principal Government partner
Employability & Career Opportunities
  • Geospatial Curriculum and New Elements
  • Science-Industry Connect
  • Exploring Job Opportunities in the Industry